Large company experience with small company values

Linda Rossi founded The L.L. Rossi Company in 1987. Previously, she was with the E.F. Hutton Group, where she conducted marketing consulting assignments and, as First Vice President, directed the firm's business planning and analysis function. Prior to E.F. Hutton, Linda worked in new product development at General Foods, in economic consulting, minority business development and for a small town municipal government.

Since founding The L.L. Rossi Company, Linda has divided her time between consulting to large global companies, startups and small businesses, and non-profit organizations. In addition, Linda works with individuals on issues related to their financial life from daily money money management to investment education.

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For ten years, Linda Rossi has been our "go-to" person at El Taller Latino Americano, providing counseling on marketing for growth, publicity for community outreach programs and increasing our online presence.

Linda brings to the table her intelligence, common sense and compassion which has enabled El Taller to grow into a key Latino cultural center here in New York City.

R. Typaldos, President, Board of Directors -- El Taller Latino Americano