From My Clients

Love this site. It's warm and friendly, yet professional and CLEAR! YOU'RE A GEM OF TOLERANCE AND PERSEVERANCE, LINDA.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU. It looks so simple, now, but wow, the many changes and thoughts and efforts on your part were wonderfully and patiently solved as we took each section piece by piece. It's also nice to think you can now make changes fairly easily.

Again, my gratitude not only for your ability to program a web page, but for your incredible calm throughout.
(B. Walker)

As a start up small business, The L.L. Rossi Company has been a patient, compassionate, efficient partner. They take time to listen to my vision and needs. Then they translate that vision into a clear, concise website. They add experience and market savvy, without imposing ideas, and they make sure you understand each step, taking time to back up if you feel overwhelmed or unsure.

Mine is a handmade goods company, so I think visually and am constantly working on inventory. The L.L. Rossi Company has saved me so much time and stress on the business side of my company, so I can concentrate on the artistic process. At the same time, they are educating me, so that I can easily handle the business and creative side of my work myself. They build your knowledge and confidence, not just develop a product. Do yourself and your business a favor and call them!
(N. Jolly)

I have just been browsing the El Taller website. It's wonderful: complex but not complicated.

It is one of the most useful and intelligently constructed sites I have ever seen, including some of the blue ribbon sites that cost mega-millions to create. Bravo(s) to whoever is/are responsible.
(from a regular site visitor)

For ten years, Linda Rossi has been our "go-to" person at El Taller Latino Americano, providing counseling on marketing for growth, publicity for community outreach programs and increasing our online presence.

Linda brings to the table her intelligence, common sense and compassion which has enabled El Taller to grow into a key Latino cultural center here in New York City.
R. Typaldos, President, Board of Directors -- El Taller Latino Americano