Web Sites

Below are just a few of the websites we have designed. Click on the images to visit the sites.

An art gallery had a website that, over time had ended up with different logos and inconsistent or missing menus. We created a new file driven, responsive website that would be easier to maintain.

In addition, we have also managed the gallery's email marketing campaigns since 2012.

An artist was setting up a new business creating one-of-a-kind hand-drawn clothing. We created her website and counselled her on other aspects of setting up a business.

In a second phase, we designed and set up an online store for her on Shopify and ultimately ported her website to the store. At the same time, we also set up and managed her email campaigns

A roofer and home improvement business wanted to establish an online presence.

We designed a web site, including slideshows showcasing his work and a clean straightforward navigation.

We then listed his site with all the relevant local and national search engines and specialized web sites.

Within two weeks of going live, the site received its first request for a proposal.

A local property owners organization had a Wordpress website that was several years out of date and had many dead links. They needed an updated responsive site that would meet their members needs.

We designed a responsive, simple to navigate website describing the organization's history, providing useful information for both home-owners and visitors and highlighting some of the important local issues.

An excavation and septic service contractor had a cookie cutter website through a local phone company that he was paying a large monthly fee for. We redesigned the site and made it specific to his company. In addition, we went through his online listings, claimed and edited them to reflect his business.

A floor refinishing business wanted to establish an online presence.

We designed a file-based web site to showcase his work and set up his presence on Google and Yahoo Local.

The site has good local visibility and has been receiving consistent requests for proposals.